Local Handyman Services in Lincoln, NE

Quality from Start to Finish

You work hard for every dollar you make, so receive the best return on your investment by hiring The Tradesman, LLC, for your home improvement projects. We provide the most trusted handyman services that you’ll find in Lincoln, NE, and the surrounding areas. Specializing in basement and bathroom remodeling projects, we’re Lancaster County’s go-to home improvement contractor.

Below is a list of projects and handyman services you can call me to help you with.  If you need someone to give you a hand but you don't see it listed below give me a call and if I can't help you I will know who can. 

  • New construction and remodeling basements, bathrooms and kitchens
  • Wall surface repair
  • Sheds and garages
  • Hanging art rearranging furniture
  • Cleaning and hauling
  • Concrete small projects
  • Crown molding and other room enhancements

Bathroom Restoration

The simplest way to get your dream bathroom is to hire our handyman service. Schedule a consultation to discuss your project in-depth with our crew.


Make sure your remodeling project goes the way you want it to. Share your design ideas, and we’ll provide an accurate, free estimate.


We’re well-known for completing a variety of construction projects throughout our community. The main concern at our company is achieving 100 percent customer satisfaction.

remodeled living space

Quality and Professional Work

From start to finish, we promise quality work, professionalism, and efficiency. Furthermore, we’re dedicated to dealing with customers in a transparent and trustworthy manner. After reviewing your bathroom remodeling project, we’ll outline the scope of our work and pricing details in writing.

When you hire The Tradesman to finish your home improvement or basement remodeling project, understand that we don’t consider this a simple business transaction. Instead, we develop close relationships with our clients, which allows for better communication and increased customer satisfaction.

My Story

My name is Bill Haeffner,  way back when I was 5 or 6 my mother threw away a clock because it had froze up.  Back then in the late 50’s clocks plugged into the wall before digital clocks were invented.  Mom told me she came into the kitchen to see that clock in pieces all over the table.  She said she chuckled and turned and went about her business.  Later when she came back to check on me and I was hanging the clock back on the wall.  It was running.  It stayed running on that wall until we moved into a new house 10 years later that my father and I had built. 

 I tell that story to give you an idea of who I have become.  I love to fix things to this day.  I want to help you solve whatever problem you have. 

 I have been fixing things and building things since.  My father was a contractor and he taught me to perform all needs of building a house. 


  • Framing (was leading his crews at 12)
  • Insulation
  • Drywall hanging and finishing
  • Painting
  • Trimming
  • Roofing
  • Cabinet Making (My father’s trade)

 I have built several homes for myself and extensively remodeled every home I have owned which my wife will tell you is a lot since we moved a lot.

 I have extensive experience as an executive of Fortune 500 companies but decided to semi retire to allow me to follow my passion – Fixing things and making the lives of my customers better.  I hope you will let me make your life better in anyway from putting in a new toilet to building you a new home and anything in between,